Superintendent's Message

Administrative and Supervisory Staff

Mr. Walter M. Schlegel, Jr., Superintendent
    Mrs. Kim Farnack, Secretary to the Superintendent

Dr. Margaret Petit, Assistant Superintendent 
    Mrs. Lisa Rodger, Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent

Business Office Staff

Mrs. Jamie Achenbach, Business Administrator
Ms. Amber Hahn, Assistant Business Administrator

   Mrs. Anne Alfred, Payroll/Bookkeeper, Confidential Secretary
   Mrs. Heather Reed, Child Accounting/Census - Tax and Student Activities Fund Accounting  Secretary
   Mrs. Kathleen Fiorot, District Receptionist/Purchasing Secretary

Special Education

 Mrs. Tricia Viglione, Supervisor of Special Education 
    Mrs. Katarina Doney, Special Education Secretary

Reading/Language Arts

            Mrs. Mary Dillon, Reading/Language Arts Supervisor


Mr. David Ifkovits, District Technology Director
Mr. Michael Peck, Supervisor of Technology Information Services

Mr. Aaron Storck, Supervisor of Desktop Services


Ms. Kirsten Muser, Elementary/Middle School


Mr. Timothy Egan, Athletic Director
Mr. Nathan Roberts, Assistant Athletic Director


Mr. Michael Farace, Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds
Mr. Wayne Rutt, Assistant Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds


Mrs. Karen Waitz, Director of Dining Services


Mrs. Dana Farace, Transportation Coordinator