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Color For Kids

Our school is participating in a Color for Kids classroom adoption.  Color for Kids is a program started by Bethany Kuster, one of our students. It sends art supplies to kids who do not have any of their own.  Color for Kids picks schools in the poorest counties of our country, and talks to teachers to find the classrooms that have the least in the way of color supplies.  The last class they sent to, had ONE packet of crayons for the entire class to share!  

We are asking students to donate ANY new art supplies that they can.  

Everything is needed, but here are some ideas …

  • crayons

  • colored pencils

  • markers

  • water colors

  • paint/paint brushes

  • construction/drawing paper

  • glue sticks

PTO Membership-- Please become a member of the PTO.  

Membership is $6.00 and benefits our kids.  If you want to be a chaperone for different field trips or help out in our school, you will need to be a PTO member.


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